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Adam Ghetti

Founder & CTO, Ionic Security

Alan Taetle

General Partner at Noro-Moseley Partners

Alberto Arango

VP of WW Sales at Easy Solutions Inc

Alexander Korbonits

Data Scientist at Remitly

Allen Harper, PhD

Executive VP & Chief Hacker at Tangible Security

Allen Nance

Partner, TechSquare Labs

Allen Vance

GM, Public Sector at Ionic Security

Alok Gupta

Data Science Manager at Airbnb

Anand Shah

Albright Stonebridge Group

Ashish Mistry

Managing Partner, BLH Venture Partners

Ben Halpert

VP, Risk and Corporate Security at Ionic Security

Bengt Horsma

Commercialization Lead, Visa Token Service

Benn Konsynski, Ph.D.

Professor at the Goizueta Business School at Emory

Bill Cutts

Senior Director of Industry Collaboration @ GT

Bill Nussey

VP Corporate Strategy at IBM

Bill Sengstacken

VP of Marketing, Technosis Consulting

Blake Patton

Managing Partner at Tech Square Ventures

Brian Arnberger

Managing Director, SouthStar Energy Services

Brian C. McDonald

VP of Product, CyberDot

Caleb Sima

Co-founder at Bluebox

Chad Byers

General Partner, Susa Ventures

Chris Halaschek

VP of Engineering, Cloud Services at Pindrop Security

Chris Klaus

Co-Founder of CyberLaunch

Chris Smoak

Division Chief & Senior Researcher at Georgia Tech

Christopher J Rozell, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of ECE at Georgia Tech

Colin Maccannell

Founder/President at BioMark Health

Cory Hewett

CEO and Co-Founder of Gimme Vending

Craig Whitney

Cybersecurity & Identity Start-up Advisory

Curtis Ide

Damian Starosielsky

CTO at Evident

Dan Bonnet

Director, North America SMB & Mid-Enterprise Sales at SecureWorks

Dan Sibille

VP, Worldwide Channels, TrapX Security

Dave Armento

VP Finance, Bastille Networks

Dave Herman, Ph.D.

Director of Applied Sciences, Payoff

David Bader

Professor and Chair at Georgia Tech

David Maynor

Chief Scientist, Bastille

David Schulman

Attorney at Greenberg Traurig

David Thomas

CEO at Evident

Deepak Jeevan Kumar

Partner at General Catalyst

Derek Harp

Cyber Security Executive & Entrepreneur

Drew Morris

Lead Developer at Fittery

Ed Sewell

Founder and CEO of Virtual DNA

Elizabeth Wharton

Attorney, Hall Booth Smith

Elliot Kulakow

Senior Software Engineer at Powerhive

Eric Chester

VP, Cloud Engineering at McKesson

Eric Hartz

President, Co-Founder at Nexus Fuels

Erik Kallenbach

Independent Data Scientist Consultant

Gary Haith

Principal Data Scientist at Data Driven Systems

Glenn McGonnigle

General Partner at TechOperators

Greg Fegan

Founder/CEO TopLine Advisors

Gregory Kris

CEO & Investor

Gunter Ollmann

Seasoned C-level Infosec Executive

Irfan Essa, Ph.D.

Associate Dean, CoC at Georgia Tech

Ishaan Nerurkar

CEO at LeapYear

J. Galen Buckwalter, Ph.D.

Chief Scientific Officer at Payoff

Jamil Farshchi

CISO at The Home Depot

Jay Higginbotham

Executive in Residence, Causeway Media Partners

Jeff LoCastro

CEO/Founder: Neener

Jeff Valk

Co-Founder & CEO at Admetsys

Jeffrey Skolnick, Ph.D.

Director Center for the Study of Systems Biology

Jim Brennan

Director of Strategy and Offering Management, IBM Security

Jim Lochry

SVP Corporate Development, ConnectLeader

Jim Nasr

Entrepreneur in Residence, Centers for Disease Control

Joanie Twersky

Senior Marketing Manager @ AT&T Foundry

Jody Ma Kissling

VP Marketing at Lancope

Joe Breen

Vice President Simeio Solutions

John Lanza

Partner at Foley & Lardner LLP

John Rezabek

Sales Manager at Palo Alto Networks

John Silva

Entrepreneur and Investor

John Wichmann

Managing Partner, Consumer Goods at Teradata

Jon Oberheide

Co-Founder & CTO, Duo Security

Josh Daymont

Principal at Securisea

Josh Mcafee

Founder of Velossent

Julie Stokes

Marketing Enthusiast, Cisco Systems

Kelvin Brooks

CISO at City of Atlanta

Ken Baylor, Ph.D. MBA

Chief Security Officer

Kevin Reddy

Startup Investor & Advisor

Mario Montag

CEO of Predikto

Mark Pontarelli

GM at Intel's New Business Initiatives Group

Marsal Gavalda, Ph.D.

Director of Machine Intelligence at Yik Yak

Matt Rahman

Chief Strategy Officer at IOActive, Inc.

Mayur Chaudhari

Product Manager, Radius Intelligence

Michael Brainard

Security Manager, Rollins, Inc.

Michael Valletutti

Founder, MarketModel Advisors LLC

Michele Weakley Cramer

Practice Lead, Carabiner Communications

Mitchell Kopelman

Partner at Habif, Arogeti & Wynne, LLP

Nathan Rowe

CPO at Evident

Nelson Chu

Managing Director at Kinetic Ventures

Nick Naraghi

Board Member at IDEA

Oskar Kaszubski

Director of Global E-Commerce @ KC

Palaniswamy Rajan

Managing Partner, CTW Venture Partners

Pat Pattabhiraman, Ph.D.

VP of Research and Development, Yactraq Online Inc.

Paul Judge, Ph.D.

Tech Entrepreneur and Investor

Radhika Subramanian

CEO of Emcien Corporation

Ray Gazaway

Vice President at Clear Skies Security

Rich Telljohann

Bus. and Corp. Development, IBM Security

Richard Stiennon

Principal at TrueBit CyberPartners

Robert Ball

Chief Legal Counsel at Ionic Security

Robert G Morris, Ph.D.

CTO and Co-founder at Predikto Inc.

Roger N. Mahler

AT&T Foundry

Ron Moritz

Founding Partner, TrueBit Cyber Partners

Ryan Gembala

General Partner at Pathbreaker Ventures

Sam Franklin, Ph.D.

Vice President of Data Science at 360i

Sam Taha

Founder of Grand Logic

Sanjit Singh Dang, Ph.D.

Investment Director at Intel Capital

Scott Dunbar

Global Solutions Architect, Enterprise Mobility

Scott Johnson

Senior Director, Product Management at Ionic Security

Scott Underwood

Director of Customer Success at Damballa

Sean C. Higgins

CTO and Co-founder of Herjavec Group

Sebastian Pokutta, Ph.D.

Coca-Cola Assistant Professor at Georgia Tech

Shamim Nemati, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor at Emory School of Medicine

Simon Hunt

CTO, Secure Home Gateways at Intel Security

Steve Bachman

CEO Partner, Hi Tech Partners

Steve Dotson

Director Security and Compliance at Pindrop

Steven Laskowski

Early Stage Cyber Security Sales & Marketing

Tad Mielnicki

Security and Strategic Consulting

Taiye Lambo

Former CISO, City of Atlanta

Terry Lee

T13E Consulting

Thomas Arend, Ph.D.

CEO and Co-Founder of Savvy

Toly Shilman

Global E-Commerce & Startup Adviser

Tom Cross

CTO, Drawbridge Networks

Tom Noonan

General Partner at TechOperators

Vivjan Myrto

Hyperplane Venture Capital, Managing Director

Volodymyr Nepiuk

CTO and Co-founder of Datawiz.io

Wan Li Zhu

Principal at Fairhaven Capital

Wendell Brown

Chairman, Next Ventures Inc.

Will McGinnis

Senior Architect at Predikto

Zenobia Godschalk

CEO, ZAG Communications (Tech PR/IR)